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Integrated biological deodorization system

Integrated biological deodorization system


Technical overview

In the environmental protection industry sewage treatment process, often produce malodorous gas, its main components to H2S and NH3-based, but also contains a small amount of mercaptan and other malodorous gases. For these gaseous pollutants, there are many ways to deal with, such as chemical washing, activated carbon adsorption, incineration and biological methods. One of the biological filtration technology known as the green solution of odor management. As the biological filtration technology does not use toxic and harmful chemical agents, low energy consumption, the filter from the natural, clean products harmless, so get a wider range of applications.

Biological filtration technology refers to the first in the filter (filler) on the cultivation of micro-organisms, and then use its metabolic process to degrade odor, and thus achieve a deodorant purpose of a method. This method has the advantages of good processing effect, wide application range, low running cost, easy management and no secondary pollution.

Onions integrated domestic and foreign advanced biological filtration technology, and rely on the company's mature glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment manufacturing capacity, the development of a simple process, the purification effect is good, easy construction, stable and efficient environmental protection of integrated biological (filter) deodorant System complete sets of equipment.

Technical principle

Under suitable environmental conditions, the microorganisms attached to the filler use the contaminants in the odors as energy sources, maintain life activities, and decompose them into CO2, H2O and other inorganic salts, so that the odor can be purified. The total reaction process is as follows:

Pollutant composition is different, the required microbial species are also different, specific pollutants have their own specific microbial community. When the malodorous gas is H2S, the sulfur bacteria will oxidize H2S into sulfate. When the malodorous gas is organic sulfur, such as methyl mercaptan, the microorganism (bacteria and fungi) will be needed to convert the organic sulfur into H2S, then H2S And then oxidized into sulfuric acid by thiophan; when the malodorous gas is NH3, the nitrifying bacteria and nitrifying bacteria are first converted into nitrate, and the nitrate is reduced to nitrogen (N2) by nitrate reducing bacteria. The specific reaction process is as follows:

Process flow

Integrated biological filter deodorant system (as shown below) is mainly composed of structural (sewage tank) sealing system (collecting hood), conveying duct, fan, biological deodorizing device, exhaust pipe and automatic control system.

Integrated biological deodorization system

1, gas hood

  The hood material is FRP, which has strong corrosion resistance. It adopts arched design, has excellent mechanical properties and can withstand large wind load.

2, the transmission duct

  The duct is made of glass fiber reinforced with strong corrosion resistance, and the size of the duct can be obtained by the amount of odor and the wind speed.

3, fan

  The system uses brand fan, material selection FRP or stainless steel. Fan selection, based on the amount of wind and pressure to determine the comprehensive.

4, biological deodorization device

  The integrated biological deodorizing device body includes pre-wash section, biological treatment section and sprinkler system (including water tank, pump and spray layer). Among them, the main body of the device used anti-UV glass fiber reinforced plastic, modular design.

◆ pre-wash section

 The humidification process is carried out by separate spraying in a pre-wash section to ensure that the relative humidity of the odor into the bioprocessing section is maintained above 98%. Pre-scouring filler is polypropylene (PP) material, strong corrosion resistance.

◆ Biological treatment section

 The segment is the core of the entire deodorization system, the use of filled biological fillers attached to the decomposition of microorganisms in the odor of pollutants, so that the gas was completely purified.

Biological filler with deodorant effect of obvious carbon particles, the filler has a huge surface area, good hydrophilicity and permeability and so on. The system uses a unified nature and shape of the biological filler, life expectancy of up to 5 to 8 years to ensure stable operation, simplify maintenance procedures.

For the types of malodorous substances, through the temperature, humidity and pH conditions and other conditions of control, a reasonable screening of specific deodorant microbial colonies, such as sulfur bacteria, nitrifying bacteria and other bacteria and so on.

Spray system

 Sprinkler system, one for the pre-washing section of gas humidification and dust removal, continuous spray operation to ensure the effect of odor pretreatment; Second, for the biological treatment section to provide the appropriate humidity, carbonaceous bio-filler for the porous, water retention So there is no need to continue to spray, take a fixed time in the use of intermittent water spray.

5, exhaust tube

  Dump using glass just material, corrosion resistance, high strength.

6, automatic control system

  Deodorant system supporting automatic control system, can guarantee deodorant device 24 hours automatic continuous operation (also gap operation).

Technical characteristics

  Integrated biological deodorant system, a reasonable selection of materials to fiberglass-based, with the following characteristics:

(1) effective control of odor concentration as high as 98%;

(2) harmless biological filler, with a high biological adsorption and biological oxidation capacity, decomposition of stench material speed, high efficiency;

(3) sufficient residence time, the biological deodorant device residence time design is greater than 20s;

(4) gas distribution design is reasonable, evenly distributed;

(5) insulation and protective layer can withstand external temperature changes in the interference;

(6) device box modular structure, can be on-site construction, easy to install;

(7) low operating and maintenance costs.

Application scope

   ◆ City sewage treatment plant

   Garbage disposal plant

   Industrial wastewater treatment station

   ◆ other industrial production process of odor treatment, such as feed processing, manure processing, textile printing and dyeing and pharmaceutical systems and other processes.

Device selection

◆ ANS integrated biological deodorant system main specifications are as follows


Processing capacity(m3/h)




Stay time(s)

















































Note: 1. The above equipment size is for reference only, to determine the specific gas volume, and according to user needs processing special size.

2. Processing capacity is greater than 10000 m3 / h, can be used to combine the above model device, and reasonable layout.

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