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    Fiberglass pipe connecting parts of the indicators

    Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 source: Views:

    For high-quality FRP pipe connecting parts, the most important indicator is the anti-leakage and hardness of these two indicators.

        Anti-leakage is one of the most important part of the rubber ring from the role of sealing anti-seepage, even in the case of a certain deflection angle is still very good to play the role of anti-seepage. You can use the olecranon rubber ring. According to different needs, you can put the rubber ring built or external, usually with water swelling rubber ring. Can be very convenient for grouting drag reduction. The grouting hole at the socket end and the grouting drag reduction annular space for grouting drag reduction during construction. In order to facilitate the grouting, grouting to reduce the hole set the one-way valve and internal thread. Lubricate the media grouting hole into the outer surface of the pipe, grouting is completed, and then plug the hole to plug the PVC plug to prevent leakage. Installation connection is simple and convenient. Multi-level step structure, socket connection, in the field construction is very convenient. According to foreign experience, the use of different stiffness of the centrifugal casting of glass fiber reinforced plastic folder sandwich wall thickness, joint and rubber ring size, for the production of pipe jacking with small diameter of the fixed length of the glass steel sand pipe when compared for reference.

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