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Domestic independent research and development of high-pressure glass pipe has been ultra-international level

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 source: Views:

In order to solve the problem of serious corrosion of steel pipes in the major oil fields, we have made the high-pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe as a system engineering, from material selection, pipe manufacturing, quality control to installation and repair, as well as after-sales service, Have developed a complete set of technology. In the actual operation of the oil field proved that we developed the high-pressure glass steel pipe fully able to meet the oil field requirements, the main performance indicators have exceeded the international advanced level.

        Substrate material: The choice of resin system The type of fiber, variety and laying determines the ultimate strength of the composite material, and the resin matrix and the reinforcement through the effective matching and stress transfer, so that the performance of the fiber can be fully developed to produce High-performance composite materials products. In addition, some of the properties of high-pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, such as high temperature performance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, mainly determined by the resin matrix.

        Epoxy resin has excellent physical and mechanical properties, at high temperatures with excellent performance retention rate. At the same time with excellent operating performance and processing performance, made of composite materials with excellent performance, low cost. Therefore, epoxy resin is the most widely used resin matrix in high pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes.

        Epoxy resin usually contains a number of epoxy groups, it can react with a variety of types of curing agent to generate three-dimensional cross-linked structure. The curing agent can be selected according to different process requirements and performance requirements. For example, the use of amine curing agent can be obtained at room temperature medium viscosity, moderate application period, good corrosion resistance, high temperature performance is still available matrix system. At the same time, in order to achieve the best bonding properties, the matrix resin must be cured under a specific curing system. Acid anhydride is another common curing agent for epoxy resins.

        The circumferential stress of the high pressure glass fiber reinforced concrete pipe is affected by the curing degree of the resin system. Because in order to improve its temperature level, which requires a higher glass transition temperature, must require a higher degree of curing. But the higher the curing degree, the lower the elongation rate of the resin matrix, the more difficult to match the elongation of the fiber. When the hydraulic pressure failure test is carried out, the resin matrix is first cracked, the resin and the fiber are gradually disengaged, the crack is further expanded, Resulting in leakage of the pipe, reducing the failure pressure of the pipe, thereby reducing the failure of the ring when the stress, so that the performance of the fiber can not be fully exerted, therefore, should be selected according to the design requirements of the appropriate degree of curing to meet its performance requirements The

        High-pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe in the structural design has strict norms in the material selection has a wide range of manufacturing inspection process requirements are higher, we developed high-pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe technology and installation technology has passed a series of test and production assessment , The current related products have been used in oil production, technical performance indicators to meet the actual needs. API standards for 100% of the factory water pressure test, mainly because of oil production, the quality of pipe and manufacturing level is of great significance. High-pressure glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe in the pipeline to solve the piercing corrosion, energy saving and so will play an important role. With the manufacturers of the manufacturing process and the level of awareness of the user to improve, as well as the quality assurance system to further improve the high-pressure glass pipe will be vigorously promoted and used in the oil field.

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