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Fiberglass tank resin which filler

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 source: Views:

Filler is used to improve the performance of a certain material or reduce the cost of the material, and the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic filler is not necessary materials, whether to use, how much will affect the resin gel time. So the filler is also an important material for FRP products. Filler to the glass steel products performance is multifaceted, can have the following aspects.

(1) to reduce the volume of glass fiber reinforced plastic shrinkage, to prevent warping, cracking and internal cracks, enhance heat resistance, self-extinguishing;

(2) to improve the impact and tensile strength (fibrous filler);

(3) flame retardant smoke (water containing alumina, antimony trioxide, chlorinated paraffin, etc.);

(4) thickening, can be used for SMC (magnesium oxide, calcium oxide);

(5) Thixotropic, in the fiberglass vertical surface construction can prevent the flow of plastic can also be used as reinforcing agent, lubricants (activated silica, bentonite, and emulsion generated pvc powder, etc.)

(6) conductive, thermal conductivity;

(7) enhanced hardness, corrosion resistance (Hui Yan rock powder)

(8) resistant to ultraviolet light, anti-aging (silver, aluminum)

(9) increase wear resistance (emery, iron powder, aluminum powder, sulfur dioxide, quartz powder, graphite, etc.)

(10) to improve the electrical insulation properties (mica, alumina, clay)

(11) to improve the cold and impact toughness (asbestos fiber, aluminum powder, glass fiber);

(12) to improve the hardness, compression, and the starting modulus (quartz powder, alumina, porcelain powder, iron powder)

(13) increase the cohesive force (alumina, titanium dioxide, porcelain powder

(14) to reduce costs, reduce curing shrinkage (talc, alumina, calcium carbonate, glass powder)

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