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Yantai Development Zone water pipeline burst water pipe is 900 mm FRP pipe

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 source: Views:

At 11:30 on the 27th, Yantai Development Zone Gate Reservoir Reservoir to the second water main pipe found a lot of water leakage, once sprayed nearly ten meters of water column. Due to water pressure drop, Yantai Development Zone, high-level households in the water.

    After more than 20 hours of repair, 28 at noon on the 1st, pipeline repair, the afternoon began, the development zone residents continue to restore water supply. The initial reason to determine the cause of pipe burst pipe aging, overload operation.

    Pipeline aging burst out of water column

    Yesterday at 4 pm, the reporter came to repair the scene - Yantai Fukuyama District Jiangjiazhuang Department, the main road has been repaired. Site workers have been working day and night, at the scene, 4 meters deep puddle filled with water, a pump is the water out of the water pits, the water stretches 100 meters.

    "To the development zone to go the main channel has been repaired at noon today, is repairing the pipeline near the Jiangjiazhuang." Development Zone Water Company staff told reporters on the 27th during the inspection to see here to take the water, Pipe diameter 900 mm glass pipe, this pipeline is the development zone gatehouse reservoir pumping station to the second water plant between the water pipes, due to the pipeline pressure is relatively large, once ejected ten meters high water column.

    Reporters learned from the Yantai Development Zone water company, the reasons for the pipeline burst preliminary judgment for the pipe network aging and overload operation, the pipeline rupture is a longitudinal 60cm, horizontal 40cm of the network crack.

    Workers underwater repair overnight

    Water supply pipeline mastering the development zone residents water lifeline, the development zone water company immediately start the pipeline burst emergency plan, the water pipeline repair.

    "On the one hand, the water company immediately arranged for repair personnel, organization of construction machinery, on-site excavation leaks." Staff said, on the other hand, scheduling octagonal, ancient pump station conversion with water storage tank, inform the Phoenix Shanshui plant to increase the amount of water, open the octagonal four-diameter 800 mm valve to the old network of water, increase the urban area, Fukuyama water supply.

    Due to the complex situation on the spot, the diameter of 900 mm pipe has a lot of water, soil soft, narrow face, increasing the difficulty of maintenance, affecting the region water supply. 27 at 16:00, the scene to determine the water leakage, water pressure plummeted, the development zone high-rise residents have been at home, the water company opened another DN900 pipeline water supply, open the pump 2000t / h to the pipe network replenishment, the region to maintain low pressure water supply.

    Residents stop more than 20 hours

    Starting from the afternoon of 27, 96110 continue to receive the public phone calls in the development zone, reflecting the water at home, consult the reasons for water.

    "Pipeline connected to the development zone of the region's water supply, due to water pressure drop, it is estimated that the region has only 1-2 layers of home water." On-site repair staff said that in order to maximize the public water to ensure that the development zone water company from 27 pm 5 Point more start, opened a water plant pumping station pressure, the old area pipe network pressure slightly higher, to ensure that low-level residents dinner water.

    To 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, after more than 20 hours of emergency repair, the second water plant a pump station, water purification plant to restore water supply, pipe network pressure gradually picked up. "In the afternoon, high-rise residents will continue to restore water supply." The staff said.

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