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Coal mine wear pipe

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 source: Views:

Coal mine wear pipe

 Coal mines, chemical industry, iron ore, nonferrous metal ore and non-metallic mining and other mining, mineral processing plant pulp transport a large number of pipes, such as the original pipe, tailings, concentrate pipe, flotation system and so on. According to the statistics of Japan, the service life of the concentrate pipe is 15000h, the shortest time of the tail pipe is 6000h, the mortar filling pipe is 6000h, the longest is 1000h. At present, China's concentrator tailings, concentrates pipeline for the pipeline, as the pulp contains about 30% of the iron ore, the steel pipe wear and tear is quite powerful, the service life of only 1 ~ 2a, and every half to turn 90 Heavy workload.

    Metallurgical industry coke powder, slag, pulp and smelting waste treatment also involves a large number of pipeline transportation. Such as a steel company's a concentrator for the selection of a variety of mineral transport pipeline up to 60km, the most serious parts of the wear and tear usually need a few weeks to replace the pipeline, the rest of the pipeline every time you need to flip, The workload can be imagined. China is coal, mining power, coal up to more than 90,000. According to incomplete statistics, each year to wear plastic pipe about 20,000 tons, if the widespread use of annual demand in more than 40,000 t, can save steel 200,000 t.

Company Profile:

   I produced by the ultra-ultra-wear-resistant glass pipe, tailings, desulfurization tube, widely used in mining, metallurgy, electricity, chemicals, petroleum, coal, cement and other industries. Both the wear and corrosion of the medium of the pipeline equipment, the company's products are exported to Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Mexico and other countries in the country over the country's major provinces, customers get the praise! , Can provide similar customer cases to ensure product quality, and sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to the factory to discuss cooperation.

    Companies to provide professional technical staff and the installation team, can provide advice, selection, door measurement, design, sales and installation of a series of service work.

Second, the application areas:

1 Mine industry: tailings and mud transport, downhole filling pipeline.

2. River dredging: sedimentation of sediment

3. Coal industry: pulverized coal transportation, coal-water slurry transport.

4. Thermal power generation: fly ash transport, return pipe.

5. Chemical industry: corrosive media delivery.

6. sea salt salt chemical industry: sea salt transport, brine transport

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