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Experimental Study on Axial Compressibility of Thermosetting Plastic Tubes

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 source: Views:

1. According to the standard

    GB / T 5350-2005

2. Sample requirements

    The sample type is shown below.


D-sample outer diameter; d-sample inner diameter; L-reinforcement length; l-reinforcement section length; t0-reinforcement layer thickness

   If the specimen is not damaged in the end, the end can not be used to strengthen the type, but the use of different sample types, the measured test data is not comparable. The type of specimen used shall be indicated in the test report. Arbitration test, the sample should be used to strengthen the end of the type.

   Sample size

         For the end of the reinforcement type, the specimen height H for the two reinforcement between the distance L plus twice the reinforcement section length l.

         The distance between the two reinforcement sections is 30 mm.

         Reinforcement section length l is 10 ~ 15mm. Reinforcement layer thickness t0 to ensure that the end surface does not destroy the conditions, should not be too thick, the proposed wall thickness of 0.5 to 1.0 times.

         The end of the head is not reinforced, the specimen height H is 30mm.

         When measuring the elastic modulus, the specimen height H can be lengthened according to the gauge of the measuring deformation gauge.

   Reinforcement section of specimen and its making method

         The elastic modulus of the reinforcement layer should be as close as possible to the modulus of elasticity of the specimen.

         Reinforcement section production method

               The surface of the specimen shall be polished, and if there is a micellar or other protrusions,

               Rinse the surface of the specimen with a solvent (eg acetone).

               Use a wet winding or other suitable method with sufficient tension.

   Sample surface should be flat, stratification, tearing and other phenomena, the rest of the surface without damage. Both ends of the specimen are required to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the specimen axis. The parallelism should be 0.10mm.

   The specimen should be perpendicular to its axis and flat, without stratification, tearing and so on. The rest of the surface without damage. If the surface of the holding section of the tumor or other protrusions, should be modified, but try to avoid damage to enhance the fiber.

   The number of samples according to GB 1446-2005 "glass fiber reinforced plastic performance test method general provisions" 2.2, the general number of samples for the five.

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