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Global glass fiber production capacity

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 source: Views:

According to a recent article by the French JEC Composites magazine, there are four main types of glass fibers used in the world: E, ECR, Advantex and HP (high performance) glass fibers. Industry pioneer US Owens Corning company in 1938 began to produce E glass fiber, in 1968 began production of S-2 glass fiber, 1997 began production Advantex glass fiber, 2006 ~ 2007 began to produce HP glass fiber. E glass containing boron oxide 5 to 10%, for the environment to consider, the trend is to minimize the boron content.

    The tex number represents the weight of the fiber per kilometer (g) and is now used to distinguish between two types of products: textile yarn and roving. Textile yarn refers to the filament diameter of 5 to 9 microns below 300tex of the original wire, mainly used for printed circuit board or coated products, flexible reinforcement material. Roving refers to the filament diameter of 10 to 24 microns 300 ~ 4000 + tex original wire. Roving products in the form of direct roving, co-roving, chopped raw silk and felt. For a variety of composite materials.

    Global glass fiber production capacity

    As manufacturers are reluctant to disclose their production capacity, it is difficult to obtain the exact concept of global glass fiber production capacity. In the past three years, some manufacturers have to temporarily shut down some of the pool kiln, the 2008/2009 economic crisis also led to some investment projects postponed. The following are the 2010 production capacity (tonnes / year) for both JEC's roving and textile yarns for major manufacturers.

    Twist roving products: global 3840000t / y (100%)

    Europe: 850000 t / y (22.1%)

    America: 790000 t / y (20.6%)

    Asia: 2200000 t / y (57.3%)


    Textile yarn products: global 875000 t / y (100%)

    Europe: 45000 t / y (5.1%)

    America: 180000t / y (68.6%)

    China: 600000 t / y (68.6%)

    Japan: 50000 t / y (5.7%)

    The above two tables add together, JEC collected in 2010 global glass fiber roving and textile yarn production capacity of 471500 t / y.

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