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Seawater desalination of the spring really?

Release date:2015-07-02 00:00 source: Views:


Development and Reform Commission


Many experts actually received two ministries of the invitation. National Development and Reform Commission held a high-profile forum in Beijing, the meeting of more than 70 people are the top experts at home and abroad. On the same day, the Ministry of Water Resources also held a symposium of the same nature in Hangzhou.

Blue Weiguang aware of his desalination industry is about to face the inflection point, and only in October 2011, the Singapore three of the International Group Chairman of the Board was met by the National Development and Reform Commission several times, some experts have been frequently meet the discussion.

"November 5, 2011, in the seventh session of the National Membrane and Membrane Process Academic Report, the National Development and Reform Commission, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Water Resources Director Yang Shangbao said.

At least two heavyweight documents are in the development of the National Development and Reform Commission in full swing, including "to speed up the development of desalination industry views" up to 11 ministries involved, Yang Shangbao said, support policy will be "very force."

Desalination, this has been faltering industry, may be given the country's lack of fresh water resources, the historical mission, however, this infant will face the domestic and foreign enterprises may rush into support, support the policy of another drug to answer the urgent need to answer The situation.


June 15, 2011, Shandong Datang Huangdao Power Company's desalination production workshop staff in the monitoring of desalinated water quality. (Oriental IC / map)

Thirsty, the machine is thirsty

November 5, 2011 around, Yang Shangbao intensive reception from Norway, Japan, Israel and other countries of the desalination of water executives, foreign giants have shown the will to enter the Chinese market.

This is the Chinese government recently released all the signals are not unrelated.

October 22, 2011, many experts actually received from the two ministries of the invitation. National Development and Reform Commission held in Beijing, a high-profile forum, the participants of more than 70 people are the top experts at home and abroad, of which more than 20 foreign experts. On the same day, the Ministry of Water Resources also held a symposium of the same nature in Hangzhou.

Earlier on July 25, the Ministry of Water Resources organized experts to go to Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhejiang and other coastal provinces and cities to investigate the status of seawater utilization in China.

In addition to these signals, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Water Resources, the State Oceanic Administration and other ministries are stepping up the development of "second five" during the desalination of the development, utilization and other aspects of planning.

National Development and Reform Commission is developing the "speed up the desalination industry development views" and "" second five "desalination industry development plan," Yang Shangbao said inconvenience to disclose specific content, but the tone has been set: will clear the desalination of the strategic significance of the As an important addition to water resources.

Desalination of seawater, the use of seawater desalination production of fresh water for industrial and civilian industries, previously not even included in the "People's Republic of China Water Law" water resources in the desalination of water, and now a moment of magnesium gathered.

This preferential treatment and China's rapid economic growth is not unrelated to the surge in industrial water demand, at the same time, water pollution is extremely serious, groundwater was exceeded mining, the North China Plain so a substantial settlement. In addition to throttle, diversion and other measures, desalination has become an important way to achieve water increment.

"China's economic development zone in the coastal areas, accounting for a quarter of the country's land has produced 70% of GDP, while the coastal water shortage, water supply will affect the entire coastal areas of economic development, so the desalination of the strategic significance is very prominent "Yang Shangbao said.

Half is the flame, half is the sea

Under the spotlight, it is a dilemma.

All along, China's water resources management involves a number of departments, such as fresh water belongs to the Ministry of Water Resources, sea water belongs to the Bureau of the sea, industrial planning belongs to the Development and Reform Commission, pipeline construction belongs to the housing and urban and rural construction and so on.

Allegedly, as early as 1999, Xiamen had planned to develop desalination, by the vested interests of the obstruction. "Each department has its own interests, the desalination industry development will inevitably break the existing pattern of interests, so the formation of a certain resistance." A participating National Development and Reform Commission on October 22, 2011 experts believe that the state should have Relatively unified departments manage water resources.

An expert attending the National Development and Reform Commission symposium described the scene: everyone is cherished, knowing that the country will introduce a series of support policies, are hoping to divide the cake.

And for the enterprise, the high cost, which has become the past is not the Hom.

At present, the global daily desalination of water production has reached 49.7 million tons, of which 80% into the municipal water pipe network, especially in the Middle East, as well as the United States, Singapore and other countries utilization is very high. China's daily production capacity of 670,000 tons, accounting for only about 1% of the world. The actual output is far less than 670,000 tons, but the parties closely guarded, an industry is estimated to be about four or five hundred thousand tons. China's desalination industry is still in the "small scale, slow development, high cost, difficult to promote" stage.

In the foreign capital fists began to grab points when the cake, China's existing desalination device is part of the idle.

Tianjin North Xinjiang Power Plant Nissan 100,000 tons of desalination project actual production is only 18,000 tons, TEDA new water desalination plant has been discontinued, Dagang power plant two sets of desalination device is only one set in operation.

June 15, 2011, Shandong Qingdao due to drought on the implementation of limited water supply enterprises, but in the same area of Shandong Datang Huangdao power generation company's 3,000 tons of desalinated water production line, but due to overcapacity and discontinued. The local government and enterprises to communicate many times, due to cost problems and stranded.

Dean power plant desalination office director Li Hu said in an interview with the media, in Tianjin, the residents of the water price is 4 yuan / ton, industrial 7 yuan / ton, and desalination of 8 yuan.

There are even companies would rather steal groundwater, "even hit brackish water, the desalination cost is much less than the desalination of water." Tianjin desalination and comprehensive utilization of engineering center, a well-known executives said.

Blue Weiguang that the state should be like to support photovoltaic, wind power, as to enter the pipe network desalination of water subsidies.

At present, most desalination plants are not subsidized or subsidized. Tianjin North Xinjiang power plant production of desalinated water has 8,000 tons into the municipal pipe network, the price as low as the same price with tap water. Enterprise unsustainable, in Zhoushan City, vegetable garden desalination plant director Wang Guohua has sprouted retreat.

But the industry sources, compared to tap water, the cost of desalination is not high, because the reservoir construction, pipeline construction, water diversion project, are state investment, and there is no normal accounting to the water price, the water price is low. On the contrary, desalination of land, equipment and so are business investment, the price is too high. Therefore, if the state introduced support policies, desalination costs are not high.

"Water prices have been rising, and with the progress of technology, the cost of foreign desalination has dropped a lot.Therefore, the future competitive advantage of seawater desalination will become more and more obvious." Yang Shangbao said.

In addition, the residents worried about the quality and safety of desalinated water, factory layout unreasonable lead to high water costs, but also lead to equipment idle reasons.

The winter is over and the spring is not coming

"The market mechanism is not a problem, the upcoming document will solve a package of problems." Yang Shangbao said.

Yang said that 13 national ministries and commissions will establish a seawater coordination mechanism to jointly promote the development of seawater desalination industry, and in the next year to strengthen the demonstration of desalination projects, demonstration cities, industrial alliances and other construction, in particular, to support technological progress.

At present, most of our country for the daily production capacity of 10,000 tons of desalination plant, desalination of the main method for the thermal and membrane method, the membrane method for the mainstream method, at home and abroad using membrane method accounted for more than 60%. Mainly related to the four major technologies: process design capabilities, membrane technology, high pressure pumps, energy recovery devices, China's key technology independent intellectual property rights rarely.

"High-pressure pump and energy recovery devices are very lack of domestic technology, membrane technology in the more advanced reverse osmosis membrane, in China only Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Research and Development Center has independent research and development production capacity, and in Zhoushan six horizontal application , Which can be compared with foreign ', and advanced nanofiltration technology research is no progress. "China Film Industry Association Secretary-General Eugene said, need to increase support for R & D institutions.

But an industry insiders claim that the state should change the direction of the industry as a whole, some R & D production institutions to get state support funds, not for research, but direct imports of foreign products, due to lower costs. He believes that should be produced in accordance with the production of water, the production enterprises to subsidize, "otherwise, he said to invest 1 billion, 10 million yuan to obtain state support funds, the actual investment has shrunk."

"Since the state is willing to support the desalination industry, then from the perspective of environmental protection and protection of water resources, the state should support the recycling of water, the state should subsidize the recycling business." Blue Weiguang said. Because of the technical, sewage can be purified to the extent of drinking, the cost of water recycling is lower than seawater desalination, and no geographical restrictions. In Singapore, the production of water recycling is much higher than that of seawater desalination.

Tianjin desalination and comprehensive utilization of engineering center, an unnamed executives also agree with this view, he believes that if the provinces are planning, you can save part of the water, and then the amount of mining groundwater, recycling part of the water, with water diversion project, So how much is desalination? In the international economic instability under the big situation, China can maintain high growth, high energy consumption? Does the demand for water continue to grow? Are high water prices and high energy consumption affordable? Does the government grant subsidies? Therefore, "now can be said that the end of winter, but the spring may not immediately come."

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