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Prefabricated glass fiber reinforced plastic polyurethane insulation pipe national standard

Release date:2015-06-30 00:00 source: Views:

Polyurethane buried insulation pipe with direct buried heating pipe technology, marking the development of China's heating pipeline technology has entered a new starting point. With the increasing world energy and the increasing demand, energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection has become the trend of global development, national and local governments also vigorously promote energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection product development, application and industrialization,

Polyurethane foam insulation materials used in the construction industry is an important branch of the polyurethane industry, which is characterized by a multi-purpose, at the same time with insulation, waterproof and other functions. This product has been in the 20th century since the 1960s in the European construction industry has been 40 years of history, some countries also adopted legislation to the polyurethane as the construction industry designated insulation waterproofing material. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's building energy-saving market, polyurethane foam insulation products in the field of building insulation and waterproof has been widely used, has become the leading market of energy-saving products.

As a building insulation waterproof integrated material, polyurethane rigid foam to break the traditional single function of building materials - waterproof insulation, insulation is not waterproof, waterproof layer once the leakage insulation layer immediately lost the common function of insulation. Compared with other single-function insulation or waterproof material, polyurethane foam has obvious advantages:

1. Polyurethane foam with a multi-purpose function, at the same time with insulation, waterproof, sound insulation, vibration and many other features.

2. Excellent thermal insulation performance, is the lowest in all domestic building materials thermal conductivity (≤ 0.024), the highest thermal resistance of the insulation material, thermal conductivity of only EPS foam polystyrene board half.

3. Polyurethane rigid foam continuously dense skin and nearly 100% high-strength interconnection wall, with ideal impermeability. Spraying method to achieve the construction of waterproof insulation layer without continuous seams, the formation of seamless roof and the overall external wall insulation shell, waterproof and impermeable performance.

4. Strong self-adhesive performance (without any intermediate bonding material), with the roof and the external walls of a solid, anti-wind and anti-negative wind pressure performance is good; the overall spraying construction, completely eliminate the "hot section" and "cold bridge" ; Flexible gradient technology can effectively prevent the waterproof layer cracking; mechanized operations, automatic ingredients, uniform quality, fast construction, short cycle.

5. The chemical nature of stability, long life, the surrounding environment does not constitute pollution; from the fire self-extinguishing, and burning only carbonization does not drip, carbonization layer size and shape basically unchanged, can effectively cut off the air into the fire Spread, fire safety performance is good.

As the only insulation and waterproof new building materials, polyurethane rigid foam insulation materials in the domestic construction industry is still in the initial stage of application. It is gratifying that, in order to speed up the renovation of building insulation materials and promote the popularization and application of polyurethane rigid foam in the field of building energy saving, the Ministry of Construction has set up a "Polyurethane Building Energy Conservation Promotion Working Group" to promote polyurethane rigid foam waterproofing materials in domestic construction The application of energy saving industry.

Prefabricated fiberglass wrapped polyurethane insulation tube national standard polyurethane insulation buried pipe in some foreign countries have become a mature foreign advanced technology. Over the past decade, China's heating engineering and technical personnel through the digestion and absorption of this advanced technology, is to promote the domestic pipe network laying technology to a higher level of development. More than a decade of practical results have fully proved that the way of polyurethane insulation buried pipe laying with the traditional trench and overhead laying compared to a number of advantages. Direct-buried insulation tube is made of steel pipe, high-density outer casing, and rigid polyurethane foam insulation between steel pipe and outer casing.

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