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FRP winding tube

Release date:2015-06-30 00:00 source: Views:

Polyurethane insulation straight pipe from the energy conservation, reduce costs, shorten the construction period, the protection of the environment in many ways, not only with the traditional trench and overhead pipelines difficult to match the technical and practical performance, but also has significant social and economic benefits, but A high-quality direct-buried heating pipe project must also have a reasonable design, insulation and reliable quality and careful construction of the three conditions.

Insulation tube has a very prominent advantages:

1, buried pipe insulation performance, heat loss is only 25% of traditional pipe, long-term operation can save a lot of energy, significantly reduce energy costs.

2, has a strong waterproof and corrosion resistance, without additional pipe ditch, can be directly buried underground or water, the construction is simple and rapid, low overall cost.

3, in the low temperature conditions also have good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, can be directly buried in the underground frozen soil.

4, the service life of up to 30-50 years, the correct installation and use of pipe network maintenance costs can be very low.

5, can set the alarm system, automatic detection of pipe network leakage failure, accurate indication of the fault location and automatic alarm.

6, the service life of up to 30-50 years. Diameter: DN15 - DN600 Thickness: 15--50mm Uses: central heating pipes, refrigeration pipes, industrial pipelines, and so on.

7, oxygen index: ≥27 Density: 40--70kg / cubic m Hydrophobicity: 0.03kg / cubic cm Thermal conductivity: 0.022kcal / m.h. ℃

Polyurethane energy - saving insulation materials

Easy to install the insulation layer of a polyurethane foam with the site of watering or prefabrication and other methods applied to the corrosion of steel pipe, the method is simple, efficient efficiency.

Thermal conductivity is small

FRP Winding Tubes Polyurethane foam thermal conductivity is the lowest in almost all insulation materials, thus minimizing the heat loss of the material.

Waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging

Since the polyurethane foam is more than 92% of the polyurethane foam, the use of polyurethane foam as the insulation layer of the buried pipe can not only play the role of thermal insulation, but also can effectively prevent water, moisture and other All kinds of corrosive liquid, gas penetration, to prevent the breeding and development of micro-organisms.

Strong adaptability

Fiberglass Winding Tubes Polyurethane foams can be firmly bonded to a variety of materials, so there is little need to consider the problem of adhesion of the anti-corrosive layer as an insulating layer of the buried pipe. Polyurethane insulation temperature adaptation of +120 ℃ ~ 196 ℃, short (ten hours) up to +190 ℃.

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