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Lianyungang Onis Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact: Yu Tongguang

Tel: 13805130701


Zip code: 222000


Address: Lianyungang Haizhou Hongmen Industrial Park Cangwu Road on the 10th

Technical team

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Wang Ting


Professor, chief of environmental protection expert

Doctoral supervisor, School of environment, Nanjing University of Technology

Member of editorial board of Asia water supply and drainage

Standing Committee of construction and drainage Committee of China Civil Engineering Society

Council member, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science

Member of expert group of science and Technology Committee of Jiangsu provincial Environmental Protection Administration

 Xue Feng Xiao

Associate Professor, environmental protection


Design and development of new product for environmental protection

 Wang xiong

Senior engineer, environmental protection engineer

XiaochenzhongSenior environmental protection glass fiber reinforced plastic product design engineer

Liu qing

Senior environmental product design engineer

Environment protection process design engineer


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