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Lianyungang Onis Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact: Yu Tongguang

Tel: 13805130701


Zip code: 222000


Address: Lianyungang Haizhou Hongmen Industrial Park Cangwu Road on the 10th

Company culture

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Enterprise vision: to become the parties to identify, the industry's leading manufacturer of composite materials

Entrepreneurial spirit: unity, hard work, pioneering, beyond

Enterprise Mission: environmental services, the benefit of the community

Cultivate the elite: the value of dedication

Management philosophy: people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, fine norms

Business philosophy: honest and trustworthy to create customer value

           Scientific and Technological Innovation and Construction of Ecological Environment

Values: responsibility, honor, team, excellence

Talent View: Houdezaiwu, Tiandaochouqin

Quality concept: to create quality, the pursuit of excellence

Security: safety first, prevention first

Science and technology concept: excellence, pioneering and innovative breakthrough, professional development

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