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Lianyungang Onis Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact: Yu Tongguang

Tel: 13805130701


Zip code: 222000


Address: Lianyungang Haizhou Hongmen Industrial Park Cangwu Road on the 10th

Business qualification and honor

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The company has made the national business, security and other relevant departments of the business license連云港奧尼斯環保設備有限公司
The company has made the national quality, environmental and occupational health management body certification
The company obtained the State Intellectual Property Office authorized five patents
The company has a government issued a certificate of professional credit management
The company has a certificate issued by the government
The company was appointed by the government trade union for labor relations mediation unit
Jiangsu Province, product quality supervision and management center was identified as "the quality of trust enterprises in Jiangsu Province (products)"


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